Ten Gift Ideas For The Spider-Man Fans In Your Life

Like Ned Stark looking out at the horizon, a warning. Christmas is Coming. And if that special someone in your life is a Spider-man fan, it makes sense to start thinking of the right gift for them. It’s never too early to be ready, right?

But there’s SOOOO much stuff out there, right? Spider-man has been in the public eye for over 50 years now. That’s a lot of Spider-man underoos, you know.

So, I’m here to help. Presented below is the kind of stuff I would dig if I found it under the Christmas tree. And if I dig it – I’m sure that special person in your life will dig it too.

We’ll start with one of the most popular brand of toys going today: LEGO. They have their own movie now. Although Spider-man hasn’t started in a Lego film yet, he’s got plenty of material out there. Available at all major retailers and at Lego.com.

Now, if you’ve been to one of those Build-A-Bear Workshops at a mall you know the joy of a lifeless bear getting stuffed. Now imagine it’s a SPIDER-BEAR! You can find it at the Build-a-Bear workshops or online.

Given that it’s going to be cold during the holiday season, hoodies and sweaters are going to be very valuable. This Spider-man Hoodie is cool because you can zip it up to the top, creating a Spider-man mask. You know, in case you’re called to heroic action.

Or you need to rob a bank. Your choice. Personally, it would be ideal for cosplay party.

If full faced warmth doesn’t cut it, you can always aim to be the coolest dude, or dude-ette, at the office Christmas party. These guys have a good collection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters will make you the talk of your next “Ugly” Christmas sweater party. You’ll be a lot more popular than Bob, from accounting.

For the youth in your life (or the adult who acts as a child) fidget spinners are still popular. This Spider-man Themed one will help them stand out.

One place that has a lot of unique gifts for the Spider-centric fan is Etsy.com. There you can find His and Her pillows, Cufflinks, and even earrings. These gifts are off the beaten path and would be a great addition to any collection. I’m particularly fond of the cufflinks. At the very least, they are a conversation piece at any formal event.

And if there are any grille masters out there, this Spider-man Apron will leave no doubt who is the hero of the cookout.

Finally, for someone who appreciates comic art, “The Amazing Spider-Man Artist’s Editions” would look great on any coffee table. The John Romita and Gil Kane editions are most notable. You can find them on IDW.Com.

There’s plenty of things out there that can please any Spider-fan in your life. But the most unique, the most thought out gift, the one bought with love, are often the ones that win out.

Happy hunting and good luck.

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